Thursday, April 27, 2017

Laws of Increase;Gratitude

We started a series called "Laws of Increase" todayis Part 2. Ladies and gentlemen WHATEVER you are grateful for will increase. The word that comes out of your mouth the most should be "Thank You Jesus" many people don't understand why I use the hashtag #JesusDidIt and #ThankYouJesus it is because I understand that whatever I thank God for will multiply. Jesus wanted to feed 5000 people, He took the little that He had and gave thanks for it and it multiplied. If you are not grateful for what you have more will never come. Imagine if Jesus had complained, the bread and fish would not have multiplied. It doesn't matter how little what you have is and it might not be convenient to be grateful sometimes but rather than complain just look up, raise your hands and say "Thank You Jesus" Many people have a prayer list but not many people have a thanksgiving list. You NEED a thanksgiving list. Write out everything God has done for you after this post and thank God for them every morning and night. You will begin to notice how fast things will be happening for you. The reward for gratitude is increase and multiplication. Let me teach you a secret; when people look down on you and make you feel like a nobody don't be sad. Go into your room and give thanks. That same person who looked down on you will soon look up to you! Jeremiah 30:19 says: And out of them shall proceed thanksgiving and the voice of them that make merry: and I will multiply them, and they shall not be few; I will also glorify them, and they shall not be small. As you apply these principles everything around you will multiply in Jesus name. You too can be a social media evangelist, share so that others can be blessed as you have been blessed. #JesusDidIt #ThankYouJesus

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Laws of Increase (Part 1)

We are starting a series called "Laws of Increase" today is Part 1. "My friend I don't understand it, we started this business together, mine has gone under while yours has grown to many branches. How did you do it?" Ladies and gentlemen, it's not normal for things to grow on the earth. The moment you drive a new car out of the shop the value starts going down, if you left soup without warming it, it will go stale, if you bite out of an apple and left it there for few hours it will change color, if you just match on the accelerator of your car without holding the steering, you will have an accident. Things don't grow normally! Increase and growth is spiritual! One of the most fascinating scriptures in the bible was about Isaac in Genesis 26:13; the man began to prosper and CONTINUED to prosper UNTIL he became very prosperous. They also tell us about another man called Nimrod who built the tower of Babel in Genesis in Genesis 10:8 (NKJV) "Nimrod BEGAN to be a mighty one in the earth. If you read the story of Nimrod and the tower of Babel you will realise that Nimrod did not CONTINUE to be a mighty man, he only BEGAN! What is the difference between Isaac and Nimrod? Isaac looked up to God, he was little in his own eyes but Nimrod was a self made man he had no respect for God. Therefore the first law for increase is the fear of God! Those who don't fear God have no future they will fail! When you tithe it is proof that you fear God because you acknowledge Him as your Source. When God is your Source you will be a prayerful person. To increase you must have a prayer pattern. You must spend time in God's presence, it is at those moments that the anointing rubs off on you. As you practise these principles you will see increase in Jesus name. You too can be a social media evangelist, share so that others can be blessed as you have been blessed. #JesusDidIt #ThankYouJesus

Monday, April 24, 2017

Don't Get Familiar

Gehazi was the assistant to Elisha one of the greatest prophets in the Bible. He saw God raise the dead through Elisha, he saw God do mighty miracles through Elisha but he was familiar with the anointing and instead of getting blessed, he got cursed. Absalom was the son of King David; the greatest King of Israel that ever lived but rather than see the greatness of his father, he saw his flaws and felt that he was better than him. He ended up dead instead of being king. Jesus the Savior of the World went to the neighborhood he grew up and they could not receive him because they saw the son of Joseph the carpenter instead of God in human flesh. Jesus could not do many miracles in his neighborhood even though he was very familiar with their problems. Beloved familiarity is a killer! Don't get familiar with grace, don't abuse access to greatness, it will cost you a lot of things. There are anointed men who got familiar with their mentor and they lost access. As a husband respect the anointing on your wife, as a wife respect the grace on your husband. Don't get familiar with greatness it will cost you more than you can imagine. May God give us wisdom in Jesus name. You too can be a social media evangelist, kindly share and repost this Gospel of Jesus Christ so that others can be blessed just like you have been blessed. Thank you for reading.

Testimony Thursday

After you become born again and you have embraced prayers, fasting and living a holy life, the most important thing you want to embrace after that is seed sowing. If you will do exploits as a Christian you must trust God and use your faith to sow financial seeds and trust God to multiply what you have sown. When Dr Mike Murdock came to COZA last year, he called for a seed of $10,000. He shared his testimony of how God began to give him favor with men of stature who took his ministry to another level and how through that he now has over 100,000 monthly partners. I wanted that testimony but I didn't have $10,000 so I came out in faith. Never ever forget that God gives seed to a sower and He multiplies the seed sown. Around August of last year I had the $10,000 and I went to see Baba and placed it in his hands. He began to pray some dangerous prayers, one of the things he said was "let this $10,000 become change to you". I told him that I wanted expansion in my business and my own estate and many more. Looking back between then and now God has been faithful! $10,000 is no longer a lot of money, Sapphire Scents is expanding rapidly, investors and business partners are rolling and we have the land for Sapphire Estate. As if that was not enough, God began to mention my name in high places and men of stature began to look for me! The proudest moment of my life so far is coming on the 28th of April I will be talking at a dinner organized by Kings College Old Boys Association by Gods grace. If you are a Kings College Old Boy you will know that it is a privilege to address Kingsmen. Kings College has produced Nigeria's finest and greatest men and to be offered that platform is totally unforgettable to me. If you will begin to use your faith to trust God to give you seeds to sow you will watch your life shine like the sun. Don't listen to those fools who say nonsense about pastors and seed sowing I am a testimony and my results are undeniable. Beloved you need to embrace this part of salvation. You will see results like never before. You too can be a social media evangelist, kindly share and repost this Gospel of Jesus Christ so that others can be blessed just like you have been blessed. Thank you for reading.

A Nagging Wife

"Where are you coming from? Work has closed since 6pm you are just getting home at 7:30pm, where did you go? I hope you don't have a girlfriend? I don't know what they see in you, money you no get, see how fat you are? They are just deceiving you. I made the mistake of marrying you now I am stuck here" Louis picked his car keys and walked out, he got into his car and looked for an hotel to sleep. He knew right then that he couldn't be with that woman. She was so gentle before they married but all she does these days is nag. He had some money problems but if he combined his problems with his wife's nagging Louis knew he would die before his time. The next day he began to look for an apartment, it was a smaller place and less comfortable than the house he shared with his wife but he would rather live in peace in a one bedroom than live in a duplex with a nagging woman. Proverbs 21:19 says: It is better to live in a desert than with a quarrelsome and nagging wife. Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines, he must have seen all sorts. I am sure that one of the things he discovered is that a quarrelsome and nagging wife is IMPOSSIBLE to please! The desert is a hot place, there is no comfort in the desert but the Bible says it is BETTER that way than to stay with a nagging wife. Most women that nag usually have a reason but some have the habit. Men please be careful, if you notice that your girlfriend is always criticizing the government, pastors, friends and everything around her, run! By the time you marry her you will be the number one object of her criticism. A nagging woman will destroy your self esteem with her mouth. She will make you feel less than a man regardless of what you do for her, she will never appreciate the good but will always jump and revel on bad things, she feeds on negativity. Run away from that kind of woman! Watch out for the traits! You can't be successful or live long with a nagging wife. May God help us all in Jesus name. You too can be a social media evangelist, kindly share and repost this Gospel of Jesus Christ so that others can be blessed just like you have been blessed. Thank you for reading.

God Will Carry You

"Eeeh Jesus how am I going to cope with 4 children? God you gave me this job how can I lose it? " Femi was deep in thought as he prayed and then he heard a voice say "Isaiah 46:4" he brought out his bible and read it; even to your old age and gray hairs I am He, I am He who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you. Peace flooded Femi's heart, he knew he had answers to his prayers and he began to give thanks. In less than a week he had all the money to start his own business and provide for his family. Whenever you have any challenge, this is how you think "how am I going to pay the house rent? How am I going to pay the school fees?" How am I going to get another job? Most of our challenges have a constant factor "I". We think we are to take care of us but that is NOT true! It is God who takes care of us! I love Psalm 100:3 which says "Know that the LORD is God. It is he who made us, and we are his; we are his people, the sheep of his pasture." You did not create yourself, God created you! He also said He will take care of you till your OLD AGE! Learn to trust God! They say "don't put your eggs in one basket" but with God you can put the entire poultry in God's hands and He won't fail you. Jesus NEVER fails! If you trust Him to sort you out, He will! Trust is an action word, refuse worry about that issue, don't call friends, take it to God and He will send help. You too can be a social media evangelist, kindly share and repost this Gospel of Jesus Christ so that others can be blessed just like you have been blessed. Thank you for reading.

Don't Define Your Life Based on A Zodiac Sign

When Ify was looking for a boyfriend she was always eager to know what month his birthday was so she could check his horoscope. She was born in late October so according to the horoscopes she was a Libra and according to the horoscope calendar, those who are born in late May (Gemini) do best with Libras so for the next five years of her life, the only kind of men she dated were Geminis. To her surprise, none of the relationships worked out well even though the horoscope had said she was most compatible with Geminis. She saw many of her friends marry the wrong signs and get along properly. It was only after her most recent heartbreak that she turned to God and began to read her bible. She flipped her bible open one morning and her eyes went to Deuteronomy 4:19 (NLT) And when you look up into the sky and see the sun, moon, and stars--all the forces of heaven--don't be seduced into worshiping them. The LORD your God gave them to all the peoples of the earth. Ify was shocked, she had no idea that a scripture like that existed. Ify had been a church goer all her life but she had been basing one of the most important decisions of her life on the constellation of the stars and the moon. She fell down on her knees and confessed her sins to God, she made up her mind that she would only base her decisions on what God said from that moment on. God honored Ify, 3 months later, she met the man of her dreams and his zodiac sign was totally wrong. It has become a trend amongst Christians today to call themselves Aries, Saggitarius, Cancer, Leo, Taurus and all other names that God did not give them. Beloved, you are practicing idol worship and God hates it! The bible says God gave the moon, stars and all the constellation to serve us! Why are you reducing yourself to the shape of a bull and a crab or a lizard when God said He created you in His image! There is no bull or goat or crab in you, what you have in you is God! God breathed himself in you that's the dimension at which you operate! It is one of the subtle strategies of the end time the devil is using to lure people from Gods plan for their lives. Wipe that "Aries Chic" or "Leo Boss" caption off your Instagram and replace it with "Son of the Most High" or "Zion Chic". You carry God in you! May you have the results of God and not the result of a goat in Jesus name. You too can be a social media evangelist, kindly share and repost this Gospel of Jesus Christ so that others can be blessed just like you have been blessed. Thank you for reading.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Association Is Important

One of the most tragic verses in the Bible is 1 Samuel 31:5 5When the armor-bearer saw that Saul was dead, he too fell on his sword and died with him. 6So Saul and his three sons and his armor-bearer and all his men died together that same day. Saul's three sons and his armour bearer did not have to die! They were young men with a bright future before them BUT they were being led by a doomed man and so they were doomed! Not because they did something bad but because they were implicated by association! Beware of whom you follow! If you follow a cursed man, you will attract curses and misfortune into your life! In your workplace don't do anything that is wrong by Bible standards, it's okay if they fire you but don't do certain things because it is "order from above". You can attract curses and misfortune that way! Lot followed Abraham and he became very wealthy. Genesis 13:5-6 Lot, who was moving about with Abram, also had flocks and herds and tents. 6But the land could not support them while they stayed together, for their possessions were so great that they were not able to stay together. If you read a bit more you will realize that when Lot left Abraham he lost his wealth! There is a blessing that comes with association! From today watch the people you associate with and the things going on in their lives. May you be sensitive to spiritual truths in Jesus name. You too can be a social media evangelist, kindly share and repost this Gospel of Jesus Christ so that others can be blessed just like you have been blessed. Thank you for reading.

The Crown of Thorns

One of the most profound details of the crucifixion of Jesus was the crown of thorns. The soldiers were mocking Jesus because He called Himself the King of the Jews so they made a crown of thorns and put it on his head and of course He started bleeding from the head. His handsome face was soaked in blood flowing from His head. It was not a pretty sight, the face of Jesus became shameful! If someone is blessed in Africa, they would say there is blessing on his head and if someone is cursed they would say he should go and wash his head. Blessings and curses start from the head and the moment Jesus began to bleed from the head, every curse and shame was wiped away! There was a curse that had been following man from Genesis when God cursed the ground because of man in Genesis 3: 17-19 To Adam He said, “Because you listened to your wife and ate fruit from the tree about which I commanded you, ‘You must not eat from it,’ “Cursed is the ground because of you; through painful toil you will eat food from it all the days of your life. 18It will produce thorns and thistles for you, and you will eat the plants of the field. 19By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return.” The blood that began to flow from the head of Jesus did two things; 1. It took away our shame and everything that will prevent us from getting favor. 2. It reversed the curse on the land and activated the "no hustle" anointing. You won't hustle for anything God will bring it you easily! What a powerful grace we enjoy! If you are not born again you are missing out! You too can enjoy this grace. Say after me "Dear Jesus, I believe you died for me and You are seated at the right hand of the Father. Come into my heart and give me a brand new beginning, I accept You as my Lord and Savior." Congrats! If you said this prayer you are born again! You too can be a social media evangelist, kindly share and repost this Gospel of Jesus Christ so that others can be blessed just like you have been blessed. Thank you for reading.

The Gospel of Easter

The Gospel of Easter is the Gospel of Jesus and it is the story of a seed that died and when it rose up it bore many fruits. Jesus said about His death and resurrection in John 12:24 I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat is planted in the soil and dies, it remains alone. But its death will produce many new kernels--a plentiful harvest of new lives. The celebration of Easter is the celebration of seed, time and harvest. Jesus embraced this principle, you should also do the same. Sorry to disappoint you but prosperity does not answer to prayer and fasting. When you let go of what is in your hand, God will let go of what is in His hands. If you want to be a millionaire, trust God for a million Naira that you can sow and He will give it to you because He gives seed to a sower BUT God is watching what you did with 500 Naira, if you are faithful in little, you will be faithful in much. I have learnt by experience that you can never lack what you give constantly. Begin to observe what you give constantly and you will realize that your outflow decides your inflow. God gave us all He had in Jesus that's why ALL power in heaven and earth belong to Jesus. Happy Easter. You too can be a social media evangelist, kindly share and repost this Gospel of Jesus Christ so that others can be blessed just like you have been blessed. Thank you for reading.